Hi there!

If you like what you see here on Classicbikes but can´t understand a word of the language we speak here in Sweden, (Between Norway and Finland, not Switzerland..) then do not hesitate to go give me a call or send me a mail.

I´ve lived in England several years and speak on regular basis with friends and dealers in england. so I speak fluid english, and have no problem at all to deliver parts all across europe.

All prices are in Swedish currency. The cost of delivering parts depends on what the weight is, and were you live. But tell me what you need and I´ll look up the price for delivering that hard to find part you been longing for!

We have plenty of stuff here today, but if you don´t find what you are looking for, please come back soon, because there are plenty of more parts that gonna find it´s way to this page.

Thanks for visiting Classicbikes! / Best regards - Sune